Delta 10 MC Serisi

Built-in 12 I/O points (8 sets of high-speed pulse inputs for interrupt function and 4 sets of high-speed outputs)

Max. 480 I/O points

Program capacity:Ladder 16k steps / Motion 1Mbyte

Built-in Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 communication port and standard MODBUS ASCII/RTU communication protocol

Flexible industrial network applications

(provides DeviceNet Master/Slave, CANopen Master/Slave, PROFIBUS-DP Slave and many more modules)

Provides standard CANopen communication cables, terminal resistors, distribution boxes and related accessories. Wiring is simple and easy.

Synchronously controls 4 axes in 2ms and 8 axes in 4ms

Compatible with G-Code

Supports PLCopen standard function blocks for motion control, enhancing program editing efficiency

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