Delta VDFCP2000

Excellent combination of price / functionality.

Scalar and vector motor control for mechanisms with a constant and variable torque load.

Maintenance of process parameters (pressure, temperature, flow, etc.) with the built-in PID controller.

The built-in cascade control function of the group up to 8 pumps allows minimal means to ensure optimal use of pumps in the group, both in terms of energy saving and in terms of equalizing the service life.

The ability to monitor the "dry run" for various algorithms.

The built-in BACnet protocol capability (for the Smart House system) and Modbus in combination with a 10,000-step integrated controller provides a wide range of possibilities both in building automation systems based on the frequency converter and in integrating the converter into the existing control system.

The fire mode of operation ensures the operation of pumps and fans, even with alarm signals; In the event of a complete failure of the converter, the motor switches to the network.

The meter of the electric power, allowing to estimate efficiency of use of the converter.

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